Points of Presence

HOPUS native POPs

Datacenter Location
TeleHouse 2 VoltaireFR - Paris
Equinix PA2/PA3FR - Paris
TeleHouse 1 JeuneursFR - Paris
IELO-LIAZO BourseFR - Paris
Iliad DC2FR - Vitry
Iliad DC3FR - Vitry
SFR NetcenterFR - Lyon/Venissieux
Interxion MRS1FR - Marseille
Equinix GV1/GV2CH - Geneva
ColozuriCH - Zurich
NIKHEFNL - Amsterdam
EvoSwitchNL - Amsterdam
InterxionDE - Frankfurt

Remote L1 WDM

Our partners offer layer 1 wavelength remote access to HOPUS native sites.

Members with presence in various datacenter can now connect to a dedicated port at the core of the HOPUS network.

Datacenter Location Partners
Interxion 1AubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 2AubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 3Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 4NanterreSipartech
Interxion 5Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 6ParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 7ParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
SungardLognesIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Viatel JeuneursParisIELO-LIAZO
Equinix PA2Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Equinix PA3Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Equinix PA4PantinIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Digital RealtySaint DenisSipartech
Veepee Paris Sipartech
Telecity EnergyParkCourbevoieIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Telecity VictorHugoAubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Telecity CondorcetAubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
GlobalSwitch 1ClichyIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
GlobalSwitch 2ClichyIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
SFR NetcenterCourbevoieIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
TeleHouse 1 JeuneursParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
TeleHouse 2 VoltaireParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
TeleHouse 3MagnySipartech
Iliad DC2VitryIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Iliad DC3VitryIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech

IXPs Gateways

Partner IXPs offer to their members a layer 2 connection (dedicated VLAN) to HOPUS infrastructure.

Please note that, since member ports are shared with other services, HOPUS is not able to offer revenue for incoming traffic.

IXP Points of presence
Equinix-IXParis Equinix PA2/PA3/PA4/TeleHouse 2
AMS-IXAmsterdam (Soon!)