The HOPUS interconnect service fills the gap between IP networks that matter.

Discover HOPUS

Achieving flawless end-to-end connectivity is the key to provide the best user experience for Internet content providers and access providers as well.

HOPUS is dedicated to connecting it's members with the best guaranties through a unique no-frills IP transit service.


Join the network and reach every other member without loss or saturation. Become a part of a better Internet.

All members commit to the highest performance and reliability. Capacity planning and active monitoring allow us to provide the best IP transit service available.


HOPUS offers reaching all those routes with two pricing options :

  • the HOPUS model, innovative and distinctive, with which :
    • you pay only for outgoing traffic from your network.
    • you receive remuneration for incoming traffic to your network.
    • prices automaticaly adapt to used bandwidth, without volume commitment.
  • the ZEN offer with fixed monthy fees and flow rates.
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