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News, announcements, business updates and press releases from HOPUS, the routed exchange.

The HOPUS team is pleased to announce the general availability of the HOPUS connectivity service

October 17, 2014

After a few months of hard work and exciting discussions with our members, the HOPUS network is now open for general service. We've made significant onboardings and upgrades to our network and adjusted our business model to fit with larger volumes we now support.

The purpose of HOPUS is to provide Internet providers with a flexible, neutral, performant, and sustainable model to exchange traffic, combining the long-term shared interests of Internet Service and Internet Access providers.

As a team, we would like to express our gratitude to our very first members:, Orange, Bouygues Telecom among many others. We also would like to thank SFR , SwissCom, DailyMotion, and Deutsche Telekom for their contributions. And warm greetings to Free (AS12322) who joined HOPUS today!

HOPUS and Iliad to launch an exclusive offer on Iliad Datacenter DC2/DC3 Paris

October 17, 2014

Iliad and HOPUS announced today an exclusive partnership teaming Iliad Datacenter unique hosting capabilities and HOPUS connectivity.

Iliad now connects existing customers on internal optical cabling at DC2/DC3 to the HOPUS core in DC3 in a tight delivery time, free of charge.

On top of that, mutual HOPUS-Iliad new customers in DC2/DC3 will get an exclusive offer: free first THREE years of operation and no setup fees for one rack (800x600 4kW @ 220VAC/48VDC), including Iliad Datacenter amazing support, power fees, optical cables, patch panels, and free cabling to the HOPUS core at DC3. Nothing less!

Iliad Datacenter is from the very first day the largest core of the HOPUS network, a vibrant ecosystem of Internet operators. Our combined offer is a big push forward to celebrate the official general availability of HOPUS. It creates on the market a unique connectivity service of consistent quality, aligned with our customers expectations.

Arnaud de Bermingham, Director of Iliad Datacenter

Offer details, duration and legal terms available at

HOPUS to launch a partnership with layer 1 providers Sipartech and Liazo

October 17, 2014

HOPUS is very excited to announce the general availability of the HOPUS connectivity service through layer 1 networks from Sipartech and Liazo, massively extending our reach while maintaining end-to-end quality and control.

The benefit of this joint offer is to provide HOPUS connectivity to virtually any datacenter in the Paris area in a tight budget: HOPUS standard port costs are reduced by 50%, layer 1 wavelengths are provided by our trusted partners at compelling prices.

One key aspect for our customers is the opportunity to connect new members in the most reliable and affordable conditions and to offer existing members the ability to seamlessly duplicate and secure their connectivity to two or more HOPUS primary sites.

Thanks to its very dense dark fiber network connecting the vast majority of datacenters in the Paris area, Sipartech is glad to accompany HOPUS by providing the best connection to this platform.

Julien Santina, Director of Sipartech

Liazo is glad to be part of HOPUS general availability today. We open our wdm metro network to the HOPUS community and help connecting new networks in the Parisarea. Supportive of HOPUS since the early days, and host of one of the HOPUS core network, Liazo is standing out in its position of innovating wholesale operator.

Arthur Fernander, Director of Liazo

HOPUS on French Internet Exchanges

October 17, 2014

HOPUS is pleased to announce the availability of its connectivity service to Internet eXchanges Points, allowing the peering community to use a new and convenient way to reach Internet Access providers while reusing existing infrastructures and investments.

At HOPUS we strongly believe that our approach completes, in today's largely asymetric trafic, the traditional and fundamental model of Internet Exchange Points. We strive to make HOPUS a convenient tool in the Internet Operator toolbox and we are very excited to make it widely accessible to the Internet community with IXPs.

Benoît Picaud, HOPUS

Following the general availability of the HOPUS service, Lyonix and Equinix Internet Exchange Paris members will be able to connect to HOPUS through their preferred Internet exchange partners.

It is an honor to welcome to our marketplace HOPUS, whose innovative concept offers a mix of paid peering and transit from first Mbps. We are committed to working with such networks with low-traffic as they require performance and reliability. For their upcoming European development projects in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich and Geneva, Hopus will be able to rely on Equinix and its international reach.

Régis Castagné, General Director of Equinix France