Points of Presence

HOPUS native POPs

Datacenter Location
TeleHouse 2 VoltaireFR - Paris
Equinix PA2/PA3FR - Paris
Iliad DC2/DC3FR - Vitry
SFR NetcenterFR - Courbevoie
SFR NetcenterFR - Lyon/Venissieux
Digital-Realty MRS1FR - Marseille
Equinix GV1/GV2CH - Geneva
Equinix ZH2CH - Zurich
NIKHEFNL - Amsterdam
Digital-Realty FRA8DE - Frankfurt

Remote L1 WDM

Our partners offer layer 1 wavelength remote access to HOPUS native sites.

Members with presence in various datacenter can now connect to a dedicated port at the core of the HOPUS network.

Datacenter Location Partners
Interxion 1AubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 2AubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 3Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 4NanterreSipartech
Interxion 5Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 6ParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Interxion 7ParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
SungardLognesIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Viatel JeuneursParisIELO-LIAZO
Equinix PA2Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Equinix PA3Saint DenisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Equinix PA4PantinIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Digital RealtySaint DenisSipartech
Veepee Paris Sipartech
Telecity EnergyParkCourbevoieIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Telecity VictorHugoAubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Telecity CondorcetAubervilliersIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
GlobalSwitch 1ClichyIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
GlobalSwitch 2ClichyIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
SFR NetcenterCourbevoieIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
TeleHouse 1 JeuneursParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
TeleHouse 2 VoltaireParisIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
TeleHouse 3MagnySipartech
Iliad DC2VitryIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech
Iliad DC3VitryIELO-LIAZO | Sipartech

IXPs Gateways

Partner IXPs offer to their members a layer 2 connection (dedicated VLAN) to HOPUS infrastructure.

Please note that HOPUS does not offer revenue for incoming traffic via IXPs.

IXP Points of presence
Equinix-IXParis Equinix PA2/PA3/PA4/TeleHouse 2